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In Pragelato it’s possible to experience exciting and interesting excursions by foot or by bike. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of parks and villages, you’ll be able to reach the highest peaks and take in the breathtaking view, or relax and enjoy an exquisite meal at the huts.
There are tracks for all levels, from beginners to experts.


Completely located within the county of Pragelato, in the heart of the Cozie Alps, this park extends for 3.280 acres, which is the same altitude of Rognosa, its highest peak.
The protected territory is delimited by its peaks of over 3.000 meters of altitude and it starts at the entrance of the valley after the last inhabited counties of Pragelato. The Natural Park offers excursions for all levels, from the easiest ones in the floor of the valley, to the more challenging ones that reach the head of the valley.
In addition to the peaks, you can reach the Springs of Torrente Chisone, multiple lakes and the famous mines of Beth, which were used in 1900 for Chalcopyrite extractions.
The wilderness present in the park is mainly alpine, and it includes chamoises, deers, roes, foxes, marmots, eagles and many more. Wolfs, which were absent for a long time from the valley, casually returned in the ‘80s and are now present in the whole Chisone Valley. Additionally, the valley features some pastures that are grazed in summer by cattle and sheeps and produce local cheese.
The tree vegetation of the park is made predominantly of various types of conifers including larch, stone pine and hook pine.
There is also a diverse herb and plant vegetation that blossoms in beautiful flowers during summer. The most common species and those that offer flashy blooms are rhododendrons, edelweisses, serpillos, gentians, bluebells… The valley has two huts: one at the entrance of the park, near the village of Laval, the other at a higher altitude, in the village of Toncea.


It falls between three valleys: the Chisona Valley, the Angone Valley and the Susa Valley. The park extends itself within a typical alpine environment, with four peaks over 2.800 meters (Monte Orsiera, Rocca Nera, Punta Cristallina, Punta Gavia). The landscape is characterized by the presence of many glacial lakes and by small and steep valleys, molded by waterways. There are no permanent villages in the park with the exception of the Selleries Hut which has been open all year round starting from 2006.
This is also the only hut located in the Chisone Valley which reaches the higher altitudes. The wilderness of the park is extremely interesting because the protected territory expands through a wide altitudinal range, spacing from broad-leaved forests, to coniferous forests up to alpine meadows and snow valleys, which are typical of high altitudes.
The wilderness present in the park is mainly alpine, and it includes chamois, deer, roe, fox, marmot, eagle… and wolves, which recently returned to live in the Chisone and Susa Valley.


Located in the Susa Valley, on the right orographic of the Dora Riparia river, between the county of Sauze d’Oulx and Chiomonte, it extends itself in altitude up to the ridge that forms the border between the Susa Valley and the Chisone Valley, crossed by the famous Assietta road.
On the summit you can find sings of the famous battle of Assietta (19 July 1747 – significative event in the Austrian succession war): high military trenches that completely surrounded the floor of Assietta, the raised level of the peak of Assietta and of Rocca of Gran Serin. On the summit of the Assietta (2.556 meters) there is a monument placed in 1882 by the Italian Alphine Club in remembrance of the tragic battle that was won by 7.500 Piedmont citizens lead by the general Cacherano of Bricheraisio against 20.000 French led by the Knight Bellise. The wilderness and vegetation present is typical of an alpine environment.


Pragelato features a golf course  with 9 holes. Surrounded by a fascinating mountain landscape, it extends for a total length of 2.876 meters. 

There is a practice course, where even beginners can enjoy a game.


Over 60 km in length, the Assietta Province 173 road and the neighboring Colle delle Finestre Province 172 road make up the main roads that connect the Susa and Chisone valleys. Mainly unpaved and at 2000 meters of altitude, they provide breathtaking views. What was once called in the ‘60s “the hike of the Twothousand” is now crossed every year, from June to October, by thousands of cyclists, knickers, hikers, equestrians and, when it’s allowed, also by motorized vehicles.

In the high areas of the Susa and Chisone Valleys, there are many locations dedicated to off road tracks: Pramand Street, Somelier’s Hills, Argetera Valley and Luna’s Hills.


The internationally recognized Vialattea skiing center

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